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Parsec Can Write It Down For You

Parsec does the paperwork that nobody likes to do.

Getting It Started

Perhaps your marketing folk can't write their own product proposal because they lack the technical expertise. Perhaps they quote some other reason. Whatever. Anyway, they have come to you and said, Gee, can we do this? And you say, Yeah, sure, lemme think about it for a while.

Well, a while has come and gone and now the marketeers would like to see some kind of proposal. Let Parsec be your "outside experts" who will put your new product proposal together. Parsec can work with your marketing and sales people to write some catchy advertising copy, too.

Keeping It Going

What happens when you are in the middle of development and you suddenly realize that the "simple" interface between Widget A and Widget B is not as simple as everybody thought it was? Who is going to get stuck writing the interface document?

It could be worse. Perhaps you (more likely your boss) shopped Widget B's development out to Joe's Embedded Systems Development and Tire Emporium. Now your staff and the grease monkeys at Joe's are pointing fingers, each side saying that their stuff works perfectly.

Parsec can salvage this mess. We will interview the appropriate staff, collect notes and development docs, and come up with descriptions of how all the pieces should fit together. You can then figure out which piece is not playing nicely with the other children. And after you dump the fine chaps at Joe's you can get your project back on track using talent from Parsec Technologies.

Documentation After the Fact

Well, that project's finished. Done. In the can. But you let the design docs slide, didn't you? You also let the spec get a little behind the development effort, right? Now it's almost release time and manufacturing would like to know what they are expected to build.

You've come to the right place. Parsec has experience creating all manner of engineering documents that match the work at its current state of development. Parsec can also create images to illustrate component placement, assembly construction, Work-In-Progress flow, or any other operation that needs to be documented. Let Parsec pull your chestnuts out of the fire.

Keeping a Paper Trail

No matter where you are in your product development cycle Parsec can help you in the preparation of documents. No reason for you to be the Bad Guy in assigning this mind-deadening work. Shop it out!

Parsec has experience in preparing all manner of documents, such as:

  • Product requirements
  • Engineering specifications
  • Release packages
  • Proposals
  • Marketing specs/feature lists
  • High and low level design documents
  • Communication, command, and interface protocols
  • User, installation, and service manuals
  • Production and assembly instructions
  • Test plans and test procedures

Let your regular staff keep their edge by having the poor saps at Parsec grow old doing this stuff. Contact us today to discover how Parsec Technologies can help you out of whatever document jam <ahem!> your firm has slipped into.