Embedded Technology Consulting
Fitting Solutions To Systems
Parsec Can Design It For You

Parsec can provide the horsepower to do that spiffy new product design.

A Fresh Pair Of Hands

Are your engineering resources stretched a little too thin? Let Parsec help you make that next milestone by providing experienced, professional help to keep your development efforts going strong. Talent from Parsec will blend in with your team and their environment by quickly ramping up to speed on the current state of affairs. And nobody from Parsec will take the last cup of coffee and leave the pot empty. We hate that as much as you do.

Ask The Expert

Parsec can supply you with the engineering talent you need to overcome the technology hurdle that has been blocking your efforts to get a new product to market. Parsec's working history has both the depth and breadth of experience to shed light on whatever technical issues are causing your team to stumble. Let Parsec be the Big Guns® in dealing with these problems.

Controlling Hardware in the Real World

Lights flash, bells ring, doors open and close. Parsec has experience in all manner of embedded systems design from 8051-based TV remote controls through Class III patient handling and treatment systems incorporating over a dozen processors and multiple operating systems. Parsec can get your hardware designed and then create the software that makes the lights, bells, and doors do their thing. You may think your product development problem is unique, but most likely Parsec has seen something like it before.

Connecting Intelligence

Widget A talks to Widget B. They have a nice conversation. More importantly, they convey command and control information in a regimented, secure way. Parsec can integrate or design protocols for any level of communication between components of your system from the lowest level device fabric up through server exchanges. Parsec can figure out your toughest embedded network intelligence problems by analyzing where the division of labor really should be.

Perhaps you haven't even designed a network architecture yet? You've come to the right folk. Parsec can figure out where the information is coming from and where it needs to go. Let the Parsec braniacs analyze command and control distribution so that important process decisions are handled at the appropriate level. Don't use too much processor horsepower; use sense in assigning distributed processing work. Parsec can get it done.

The Swiss Army Knife Of Engineering

All of your design from the electromechanical through the electronic and on to software can be handled through one embedded technology resource: Parsec Technologies. Save yourself a huge headache and get the job done properly the first crack at it. Parsec fits solutions to systems -- and can find a solution to fit you, too. Get in touch today to discover how Parsec Technologies can get your product development blazing on its way to meeting milestones and coming in under budget.

Other Embedded Systems Resources

Parsec works with partners having similar, but complementary, skill sets.

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