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White Papers on Engineering Process

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Shared Knowledge on Engineering Process

These white papers are an accumulation of wisdom gleaned from a variety of sources -- decades of hard work, pain, frustration, and the occasional wild success. Most of what you'll find here has been published in one form or another on the Internet. Everything you find here is in the realm of public domain knowledge, although the wisdom represented in these papers isn't always visible to the operator in the trenches of product development.

Use this wisdom for the benefit of your firm and yourself. Edit and expand these writings to include your own local philosophy, to accommodate a rapidly changing environment, or to get rid of what you find to be drivel.

If you find yourself making significant changes and would like to share them with other technical professionals please send your updates to me at marty@parsecsystemsinc.com. I'll be sure to edit and include the best of the contributions that come my way.


Ask about topics not covered here. Plenty of knowhow just waiting to be exploited.